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Prom night in mississippi is a 2009 canadianamerican documentary film written and directed by paul saltzman. The film crew of pnim tries to film the white prom. Last night, hbo aired prom night in mississippi, a documentary starring actor morgan freeman, who, in 2008, offered to pay for the senior prom at mississippi s charleston high school under one. To purchase dvds of prom night in mississippi use this link. Please login or register to borrow, download, or purchase resources.

Prom night in mississippi, will be shown at next years. One girl whose dress violated the nocutouts rule went to target. Canadian filmmaker paul saltzman follows students, teachers, and parents in the leadup to the big day. Prom night in mississippi facing history and ourselves. In a small town in mississippi, a high school prepares for its first integrated senior prom. In 2008, actor morgan freeman offers to pay for a mississippi high schools firstever integrated senior prom.

Despite the subject matter, prom night in mississippi is surprisingly buoyant with the hope and joy of these kids. For students prom info union county public schools. Prom night in mississippi documents the challenge to that tradition by students, with the help of morgan freeman. In the 1960s, paul saltzman went to mississippi and was thrown in jail for his. Prom night in mississippitheatrical trailer youtube. Rent prom night in mississippi 2009 starring morgan freeman on dvd and bluray. Download the tv guide app for iphone, ipad and android. Prom night in mississippi andy and principal bucky duration. In 2008, the actor and charleston native offers to pay for the prom if its. Mississippi integrated its public schools in 1970, but segregation still haunts parts of the culture. Combine a group of mischievous, futbolplaying italian boys with the.

A high school in a smalltown in mississippi prepares for its first integrated. Freeman offers to pay for a mississippi high schools firstever integrated senior prom. The preparations for the prom and the personal relationships between our characters are woven together to create the intimacy and drama that culminates on prom night in mississippi. Prom night in mississippi videos and best clips tv guide. Spring has arrived in mississippi, and brought with it one of jacksons. Theatrical trailer for the feature documentary prom night in mississippi. Prom night in mississippi is a beautiful documentary showing off the worldculture and how they are still able to interact with one another without be scared of the opposite race. Whats most significant about prom night in mississippi is not that an interracial prom was organized, but that the historic events took place less than a year ago. Highschool seniors of charleston, morgan freeman, bongo, don warren, paul saltzman, stephen philipson, nancy. With highschool seniors of charleston, morgan freeman.

Look a little closer and the ghost of charlestons past still haunt the town. Our engineers are working quickly to resolve the issue. Guests who attend another high school must have an administrative signature from their respective school before a ticket is. Mississippi school holds first interracial prom with a nudge and a check from local resident morgan freeman, the high school in charleston, miss. Parent accessaccess to genesis calendarsee all upcoming events mobile appdownload our free mobile app west news archiveview all news items. Film night in mississippi jackson free press jackson, ms.

Many failures combined to unleash death on italys lombardy. In 1954, charleston high school was ordered, like every other school in the country, to desegregate. Integrated senior prom in charleston, mississippi 2008 intro duration. The filmmaker although a firsttime feature director, paul saltzman is a twotime emmy awardwinning film and television. His grandfather, an italian immigrant, was interned by canada when italy lined up with. The documentary follows a group of 2008 charleston high school high school seniors in. Prom night in mississippi cast and characters tv guide. Rent prom night in mississippi 2009 on dvd and bluray.

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