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Accidentally stopping a burglar, ryan earns hero status in the house. Select any poster below to play the movie, totally free. When the school burns down due to an issue with candles, elmsbury is merged with another school, fowlmere manor, renaming the school elmsmere manor high as of the fourth episode of the. Check below for episodes and series from the same categories and more. Cbbcs 4 oclock club season 9 episode 1 s9e1 full episodes. Leah hackett and tom rolinson have both guest starred on the series. Rookie teacher nathan carter starts his first day back at elmsbury. Now five fullfledged season are of public ownership. The show launched a spinoff called 4 o clock files. He wants to connect with all the kids who have problems and who he thinks he understands because he used to be one of them. Chancing upon a pocket watch fallen from the burglars lo. A guide to prizes, episode from series 8 of 4 oclock club. The premiere was arranged for us on it yet in 2012. New boy evan causes trouble for polly, whos keeping an eye on him, by climbing onto the school roof.

Josh raps that the school is his manor, not that of his big brother the spanner. Ryan and molly head off to a private school where they are unpleasantly surprised to find one of their former teachers. But someone is running an unofficial tuck shop selling crisps and chocolate and nathan is given the job of finding out who is behind it. Only ash has any success with the girls in fact, more success than he can handle. But he discovers something about his brother, nathan, he never knew before. He is the famous brother of nathan carter, the cousin of nero johnson, the son of liz carter and david carter josh is portrayed as a calmcollecting character who has a passion for rapping and as the series evolves, carter shows a more shocking side as seen in episode, time capsule, when he is trying to find out his real dad, due to noone mentioning him and trying to find the truth that. Dexter takes the 4 o clock regulars on a halfterm camping trip. Audition for cbbcs 4 o clock club casting call for new roles in cbbcs 4 o clock club castijng series five for the cbbc show the 4 o clock club for new series regulars. The third series featured nathans proposal and marriage to melanie poppy laura aikman, who both departed the series, and josh is forced to share his room with his annoying younger cousin, nero akai osei.

Comedy episode aired 2 march 2017 season 6 episode 1. Polly is singing a solo with the school choir live on radio. The 4 oclock club tv listings, tv schedule and episode. But neros in the choir too and he has his own plans. Fandom apps take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. At years old, he is master of all he surveys particularly his school, the rundown. An old library book leads darnesh to believe reality is collapsing, and cj attempts to hide his lack of socks by painting his ankles. Hawaii five o episode promo season 4 episode 1 by jack lord.

So when josh notices that nathan is more than a little interested in. Rookie teacher nathan carter starts his first day back at elmsbury high school. Bells staff training session is ruined by chesters disastrous fire safety inspection. He takes charge of the euphemisticallynamed 4 o clock club. He takes charge of the euphemisticallynamed 4 oclock club. Comedy episode aired 19 december 2018 season 8 episode 1. Josh tries to get nathan off his back by tricking him into believing miss poppy is interested in him. We have 148 episodes of 4 oclock club in our archive. Flying as savages lead bombardier, he saves savages life, gets promoted to 1st lieutenant, and gets recommended for the dfc. The character was featured for the last time in episode 4 of series 7 of the show titled farewell that aired on february 14, 2018. Rap and comedy combine to tell a tale of sibling rivalry.

Ash gets even more clever after the summer he is sometimes confused but clever at some point. Jan 31, 2015 4 oclock club series 4 episode 1 ghost. Upon winning his worst grade ever, josh carter seeks help from his friends. Get youtube premium get youtube tv best of youtube music sports gaming movies tv shows news live. Apr 19, 2014 rookie teacher nathan carter starts his first day back at elmsbury high school, where he was once well not the best kid in the class. Made by nero johnson because he is leaving to scotland for good and does not want anyone to forget him specifically clem.

Polly helped evan with his family but can he ever forgive her for revealing his secret. Watch 4 oclock club raps, clips and full episodes of zoemaries saturday job. Previous all episodes 1 next bell cancels christmas at elmsmere, upsetting everyone including cj, who buys a turkey for christmas dinner. Its the end of term and nathan is due to be assessed by head master mr byron. At years old, he is master of all he surveys particularly his school, the rundown elmsbury high. His character of nero in 4 oclock club evolved into a main one from series 4 of the show, which started airing on january 28, 2015. Since jamie olivers push for healthy school meals, sweets have been banned at elmsbury high. The dumping ground series 1 episode 2 liberty in the dg duration. Nero encourages mrs goodman to make a lip dub video to celebrate elmsmere, polly tries to retake a test to get full marks, and darnesh loses a glasses lens to ambers newly discovered peephole into the staffroom.

This category lists the episodes of the 4 oclock club. A second series began airing on 4 january 20, and the third series premiered on 20 december 20. Everyones full of festive spirit at elmsmere apart from ding dong, who cancels christmas. Nero goes hunting for the school ghost but will he have more trouble from new girl clem.

Series 2 episode 10 out of control when liam goes to court and is sentenced to 7 days of community service in a old peoples home. Nero discovers that he might have to leave elmsmere manor forever. Rookie teacher nathan carter starts his first day back at elmsbury high school, where he was once well not the best kid in the class. The dumping ground series 5 episode 1 robots, miscreants and bullies back in the game pt1. Comedy about two brothers at the same school one as a pupil, the other as a new teacher. Nathan takes advantage of mrs carters weekend trip away to invite miss poppy round for a romantic evening. Primarily, the series under the title 4 oclock club is reckoned to be a settler on the cbbc channel. Jack lord in twelve oclock high face of a shadow 1966. So when josh messes up, and it looks like nathans career as a teacher is over, its down to the rest of the 4 oclock club to save his skin. The school disco means just one thing for the carter brothers girl trouble. Twelve o clock high season 1 episode 4 the sound of distant thunder. With a video of his heroism going viral, ryans ego keeps on growing. Lookng at age 10 and 11 yuear old buys and girls with an ethnic background apart from amber who is sister of lizzie the science teacher.

The first episode of 4 oclock club was broadcast in april, 2020. Previous all episodes 116 next its a new term at elmsmere and nero and clem are finally a couple. What he doesnt realise is that the turkeys alive, so he must hide it in. Catch the beat with this funky series about hip hop and homework. Ash also has a crush on zoemarie and gets stuck with her in an ice cream truck,he also wants to get a million hits on youtube when ryan gets pranked but he never videos the funny things he does to. Join the pupils of elsemere high as they deal with detentions, friends, enemies and new relationships, all while trying to become famous rappers. A guide to axolotl, episode 1 from series 9 of 4 o clock club. Meanwhile mr byron is determined that the forthcoming assembly performance doesnt go badly wrong like so many others but ryans problems in remembering a simple. Join the pupils of elmsmere school as they rap their way through detention in the 4 o clock club. Josh, ryan and ash sign up for the school football team to get out of lessons, but discover that even studying is preferable to pe teacher thornes strict disciplinary regime. Comedy about two brothers at the same school one as a pupil, the.

Comedy about two brothers at the same school one as a pupil, the other as a teacher. Part 1 the founderswalt disney and coco chanel in this special fivepart podcast series, we consider the business. Can nero and clems summer romance survive the start of term. Josh accidentally invites zoemarie to be his date, while nathan tries desperately to impress the gorgeous miss poppy and tempt her to join him in the teachers dance. We have 146 episodes of 4 o clock club in our archive.

Having his brother nathan as a teacher at his school is having a disastrous effect on joshs ability to have fun, scheme schemes and scam scams. The first episode of 4 o clock club was broadcast in march, 2020. So when josh notices that nathan is more than a little interested in music teacher miss poppy and her modern take on cinderella, josh tries to get him off his case by. Find out when 4 o clock club is on tv, including series 8 episode 1. Mr nunn isnt happy when he has to cover for their lessons while they. Nero takes polly to see her favourite band but he has to hide the terrible secret of how he got the tickets. Its really the detention class, and to his surprise he discovers that the king of the club is his yearold brother, josh. Find out when and where you can watch the 4 oclock club episodes with tvguides full tv listings youll never miss another moment from your favorite show. Fleur fleur murphy fleur murphy pupil 68 episodes, 20142019. The revival for the sixth installment is already a confirmed matter. Akai osei biography facts, childhood, family life of. Ah yes he was the bad guy who tried ripping the old man off no wonder hes always getting the roles which ends up being the enemy. Elmsbury and fowlmere have to merge following the fire but students and staff from the different schools dont find it easy to get on. Find out when 4 oclock club is on tv, including series 8 episode 1.

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